To Drink or Not to Drink at Work Events?

To drink or not to drink at work related events is a question almost every employee has to ponder for one occasion or another.
You don’t have a need to drink every day (if you were showing any signs of dependence, you couldn’t go all week without it). If you had any signs of concerning behavior, it would be a different situation. But as you pointed out, you are drinking alone. Despite that though, it still probably plays out differently given that you are drinking alone but not on a daily basis and not to the point of legal problems, dependence, etc. For the moment you are probably okay, although cutting back on how much you drink in a given sitting could be a good thing. As far as your risk of _becoming_ an alcoholic, I think you sound attuned to the risks, so just keep an eye on your behavior And keep in mind that there may be some predisposed risk given that you have a family history.

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